Question What is the Brik-A-Blok toy system?
The Brik-A-Blok™ toy system is a modular panel assembly toy. Kids can easily snap together large 16 inch by 16 inch panels to build a myriad of different structures (forts, playhouses, castles, tunnels, etc.) where they can then spend hours if not days playing in. Architecture and imaginations tools for kids!
How big a storage space do I need to store such a large toy system?
Very little space is needed to store the entire system. A zippered vinyl storage bag constutes the packaging and storage bag of every set. All panels nest one into the other to allow an entire set to fit into the ultra compact 16” X 16” X 23” storage bag. Store it in a closet or in a corner of the playroom between play sessions.
Question Where does Brik-A-Blok make its products?
Answer All products are proudly made in North America.
Question Is the plastic and paint used toxic?
No. The plastic used to manufacture all Brik-A-Blok™ products is clean virgin material that can be certified to FDA standards. No paint is used. All plastic pigments contain no lead or heavy metals and are perfectly safe for use by children.
Question Can a child easily assemble the product?
Yes. All parts snap together easily with limited dexterity required. Instructions provided illustrate sample assemblies. Children will be able to easily and intuitively learn how to assemble the Brik-A-Blok™ toy system. As play time progresses, so will skills and an understanding of what the system can do.
Question Is the toy safe?
Yes. If a parent would like to check up on the kids playing in a given structure, numerous assembly openings can act as “peek holes” to check in, while still giving the children their privacy. If the child needs to exit in a hurry, all they need to do is lift up the lightweight structure and duct out.
Question Can children climb on the structures they build?
No. Our system is made to simply enclose space. Climbing onto a built structure is not recommended as it is designed not to support any appreciable weight.
Question Can my child combine his/her Brik-A-Blok toy set with their friends’ sets?
Yes! All panel are modular and will easily combine with other sets to create even more possibilities. Huge structures can be built where all the kids in the neighborhood can get together and have a Brik-A-Blok™ party!
Question Will there be new Brik-A-Blok toys offer in the future?
Absolutely. Brik-A-Blok™ long term vision includes our generating complementary new products that can be used with your present purchase. New features and new challenges will help Brik-A-Blok™ nurture the development of your children while offering the highest level of play value.