BRIK-A-BLOK™ TOYS INC. is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of highly competent and experienced individuals specializing in their respective fields. All members of the team are known for their expertise and understanding within their respective sectors of endeavor whether it be management, industrial design, marketing, or engineering. All of this to ensure only the highest quality toys are brought to the market with unrivaled play value.

BRIK-A-BLOK™ Toys Inc. sets out to be a responsible corporate citizen. Starting from thoughtful design and engineering to a post life cycle strategy, BRIK-A-BLOK™’s vision is to serve our children and our planet responsibly.

Nurturing Our Children’s Growth
From the start of all new product development efforts, BRIK-A-BLOK™ is focused on helping our children grow into their fullest potential. Developing imagination, social skills, physical dexterity, mental flexibility, means to act responsibly, and three dimensional cognition, all form part of our company’s offerings. Toys with a difference that make a difference.

From raw materials sourcing to post life cycle recycling, BRIK-A-BLOK™ Toys Inc. acts on the obligation to do business with the smallest environmental footprint possible. All products consist of single plastic type for easy and efficient recycling. All plastic used is certifiable to FDA standards. All pigments are lead free and will not cause any harm to our children or the environment. Vinyl packaging is reusable and provides a means to teach children how to be responsible for the management of their toys.

Our System
The BRIK-A-BLOK™ toy system provides an easy means for any child to recreate the word that surrounds them, but at their scale. The child is given complete artistic license to create architectural expressions driven by their own imagination, or the simple plans provided in every set. Safe structures can be easily built in which they can spend hours of quality play time all year long.

BRIK-A-BLOK™ is not creating the need, but is responding to primary and latent needs within. All children have at one time or another been driven to construct spaces in which they can play and imagine. This activity has captivated and stimulated children all around the world regardless of cultural background. Put in simple terms, children have been driven to build their own habitable space enclosures by way of constructing forts, play houses, castles, etc. The label may vary slightly, but the theme does not.

The BRIK-A-BLOK™ toy system has been conceived to nurture imagination and creativity inside every child, while empowering them to realize the benefits of their own creative skills. From free form exploration to more a more Cartesian approach, the kids will naturally enjoy a positive learning experience regardless of their skill level. The Brik-A-Blok™ toy system is a great tool to help develop three dimensional spatial skills. Conceiving and then executing is easy and intuitive, providing for a rapid learning process and the associated satisfaction. As kids play together, social skills are practiced and developed as the system provides for a cooperative process. Building any structure is only half the fun. Once built, children will have hours if not days of fun playing in them. Kids are further empowered learning responsibility to manage the toy system after play. Clean up is as easy as set up. Panels unsnap as easily as they come together and then can be stacked in the reusable storage bag provided.

All aspects of BRIK-A-BLOK™ toys have been engineered with child safety in mind. Used as specified, our construction systems will provide years of safe fun. Only the highest quality plastics have been chosen to ensure a safe play environment.

A word of caution: getting your kids to play with the BRIK-A-BLOK™ toy system is easy, but getting them to stop may be a challenge!